Records Advices

Records Advices are provided to give a brief introduction to a range of records management topics, and our most recent advice is available here.

The Territory Records Office is progressively updating its advice products for agencies. If we have not recently updated our advice on the topic you are interested in, you may still find some of our older Records Advices useful.

Please Note:  These Records Advices have been developed to assist government agencies and their employees to better manage their recordkeeping.  All advice is for their use only and is provided here for the information of members of the public.  All enquiries by members of the public concerning the information provided or the resources mentioned in these advices should be directed to the Territory Records Office.


Advice on the Retain Principle Formats 
Disposal - Authorised destruction methods PDF (PDF 125Kb) RTF (RTF 569Kb)
Disposal - Authorising destruction of ACT Government records PDF (PDF 170Kb) RTF (RTF 657Kb)
Disposal - Disposal and Destruction Terminology PDF (PDF 154Kb) RTF (RTF 583Kb)
Disposal - Disposal freeze PDF (PDF 143Kb) RTF (RTF 558Kb)
Disposal - Overview of records disposal and destruction PDF (PDF 173Kb) RTF (RTF 564Kb)
Disposal - Records and Legal Proceedings PDF (PDF 143Kb) RTF (RTF 542Kb)
Disposal - Sentencing of Records Information and Data PDF (PDF 458Kb) RTF (RTF 558Kb)
Retain - Managing web content as recordsPDF (PDF 158Kb) RTF (RTF 495Kb)
Retain - Records information and data for selection as Territory Archives PDF (PDF 156Kb) RTF (RTF 575Kb)