Superseded Guidelines

Superseded Guidelines

These Guidelines were produced by the Territory Records Office to assist agencies to meet the requirements of the Territory Records Act 2002 in terms of records, but are also a guide to good practice approaches for managing information and data for the ACT Government. Links to the Guidelines have been published here for reference purposes only.  The new guidelines can be found on the Standard and Guidelines page.


Guideline No 1 - Records Management Programs (Superseded) PDF PDF ( 331Kb )
Guideline No 2 - Appraisal  (Superseded) PDF PDF ( 464Kb )
Guideline No 3 - Records Description and Control (Superseded) PDF PDF ( 248Kb )
Guideline No 4 - Access (Superseded) PDF PDF ( 155Kb )
Guideline No 5 - Recordkeeping and Outsourced Government Business (Superseded) PDF PDF ( 176Kb )
Guideline No 6 - Digital Records (Superseded) PDF PDF ( 193Kb )
Guideline No 7 - Physical Storage of Records (Superseded) PDF PDF ( 174Kb )
Guideline No 8 - Business Continuity and Records Management (Superseded) PDF PDF ( 268Kb )
Guideline No 9 - Records Digitisation and Conversion (Superseded) PDF PDF ( 210Kb )