Standard and Guidelines

Standard and Guidelines for Records, Information and Data

In ACT Government organisations (directorates, agencies, offices, and so on) records, information and data are important assets, and some are vital to ACT Government functions. They help to inform, plan for and achieve outcomes that are relevant and valuable to the community, business and government.

The term ‘record’ has a specific meaning under the Territory Records Act 2002, which defines records as ‘information created and kept, or received and kept, as evidence and information by a person in accordance with a legal obligation or in the course of conducting business’. In practice it can at times be difficult to distinguish between records and other types of information or data. This Standard is explicitly designed to meet the requirements of the Territory Records Act 2002 in terms of records, but is also a guide to good practice approaches for managing information and data for the ACT Government.

The Territory Records Office’s Guidelines and Advices provide additional information on use and implementation of the Standard, and offer opportunities to establish good practice in the records, information and data management sphere.

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StandardPrinciple 1 - Strategy GuidelinePrinciple 2 - Capability GuidelinePrinciple 3 - Assess GuidelinePrinciple 4 - Describe GuidelinePrinciple 5 - Protect GuidelinePrinciple 6 - Retain GuidelinePrinciple 7 - Access Guideline