Superseded Records Advices

Superseded Records Advices

The Territory Records Office is progressively updating its advice products for agencies. If we have not recently updated our advice on the topic you are interested in, you may still find useful some of our older Records Advice on this page.

Our most recent advice is available here Records Advices.

Please Note:  These Records Advices have been developed to assist government agencies and their employees to better manage their recordkeeping.  All advice is for their use only and is provided here for the information of members of the public.  All enquiries by members of the public concerning the information provided or the resources mentioned in these advices should be directed to the Territory Records Office.


Records Advice Formats
1. What is a record? PDF (PDF 25Kb) RTF (RTF 81Kb)
2. Normal Administrative Practice (NAP) PDF (PDF 36Kb) RTF (RTF 92Kb)
3. eMail as a record PDF (PDF 58Kb) RTF (RTF 73Kb)
4. What is a recordkeeping system? PDF (PDF 30Kb) RTF (RTF 87Kb)
5. Electronically created records PDF (PDF 28Kb) RTF (RTF 91Kb)
6. Executive records PDF (PDF 46Kb) RTF (RTF 75Kb)
7. Preparation for the implementation of an Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) PDF (PDF 29Kb) RTF (RTF 88Kb)
8. What is the Territory Records Office (TRO)? PDF (PDF 44Kb) RTF (RTF 74Kb)
9. What is a Section 28 declaration? PDF (PDF 45Kb) RTF (RTF 83Kb)
10. Application to close records under Section 28 of the Territory Records Act   PDF (PDF 52Kb) RTF (RTF 1578Kb)
11. How a Section 28 declaration is made PDF (PDF 47Kb) RTF (RTF (93Kb)
12. The Process of Public Access PDF (PDF 51Kb) RTF (RTF 153Kb)
13. TRO consideration of section 28 declaration PDF (PDF 46Kb) RTF (RTF 80Kb)
14. Preparing ACT Government records for public access PDF (PDF 50Kb) RTF (RTF 86Kb)
15. Guidance for producing ArchivesACT finding aids PDF (PDF 30Kb) RTF (RTF 105Kb)
16. Format of records for public access PDF (PDF 45Kb) RTF (RTF 105Kb)
17. Online services for records managers : Social networking PDF (PDF 56Kb) RTF (RTF 124Kb)
18. Online sources for records managers : training and development PDF (PDF 57Kb) RTF (RTF 154Kb)
19. What is aka and why do we use it? PDF (PDF 71Kb) RTF (RTF 81Kb)
20. What is Squiz Matrix? PDF (PDF 46Kb) RTF (RTF 83Kb)
21. Security classification Cabinet documents PDF (PDF 53Kb) RTF (RTF 101Kb)
22. Security classification of non-Cabinet documents PDF (PDF 49Kb) RTF (RTF 106Kb)
23. Australian standard for records management PDF (PDF 46Kb) RTF (RTF 114Kb)
24. Other Australian standards relevant to records management PDF (PDF 47Kb) RTF (RTF 76Kb)
25. Metadata PDF (PDF 60Kb) RTF (RTF 91Kb)
26. ACT Government application of metadata PDF (PDF 51Kb) RTF (RTF 108Kb)
27. Subject level control of ACT Government records PDF (PDF 47Kb) RTF (RTF 91Kb)
28. Functional directories on shared drives PDF (PDF 46Kb) RTF (RTF 72Kb)
29. Health records PDF (PDF 45Kb) RTF (RTF 73Kb)
30. Outsourced services contract clause PDF (PDF 46Kb) RTF (RTF 85Kb)
31. Disposal actions: Preparation of records PDF (PDF 52Kb) RTF (RTF 109Kb)
32. Utilising a records disposal schedule PDF (PDF 43Kb) RTF (RTF 67Kb)
33. Special approval to dispose of records PDF (PDF 42Kb) RTF (RTF 63Kb)
34. Freeze on personnel records - Superseded. See Advice No.45   
35. Records and Legal Proceedings - Superseded. See Advice No.57   
36. Destruction of ACT Government records PDF (PDF 84Kb) RTF (RTF 260Kb)
37. What is the Territory Records Advisory Council? PDF (PDF 25Kb) RTF (RTF 79Kb)
38. How long are diaries to be kept? PDF (PDF 48Kb) RTF (RTF 115Kb)
39. Vital records PDF (PDF 46Kb) RTF (RTF 98Kb)
40. Records management standing offer arrangements - Obsolete   
41. What is an agency Records Management Program? PDF (PDF 47Kb) RTF (RTF 102Kb)
42. Sentencing Legacy Records PDF (PDF 47Kb) RTF (RTF 88Kb)
43. Selection of Records as Territory Archives PDF (PDF 35Kb) RTF (RTF 95Kb)
44. Valuing ACT Government Records for insurance purposes PDF (PDF 47Kb) RTF (RTF 82Kb)
45. Disposal Freeze Superannuation Records 2009-2010 - Superseded. See Advice No.59   
46. Roles in Public Access PDF (PDF 44Kb) RTF (RTF 468Kb)
47. Principal Officers and their Responsibilities PDF (PDF 48Kb) RTF (RTF 84Kb)
48. Requests for access to ACT Government records by other jurisdictions PDF (PDF 42Kb) RTF (RTF 66Kb)
49. ArchivesACT Find of the Month PDF (PDF 44Kb) RTF (RTF 76Kb)
50. Retention and storage of digital photographs and images PDF (PDF 48Kb) RTF (RTF 98Kb)
51. Managing hard copy plans, drawings and maps PDF (PDF 51Kb) RTF (RTF 550Kb)
52. Disposing of parts of files - active and legacy files PDF (PDF 47Kb) RTF (RTF 87Kb)
53. Managing web content as records PDF (PDF 44Kb) RTF (RTF 77Kb)
54. Use of portable electronic data storage devices PDF (PDF 47Kb) RTF (RTF 75Kb)
55. Web 2.0 - Social Networking and Collaboration Applications and Recordkeeping PDF (PDF 49Kb) RTF (RTF 98Kb)
56. The Recordkeeping Responsibilities of ACT Government Employees PDF (PDF 50Kb) RTF (RTF 102Kb)
57. Records and documents required for legal proceedings PDF (PDF 46Kb) RTF (RTF 71Kb)
58. What is a Records Disposal Freeze? PDF (PDF 43Kb) RTF (RTF 110Kb)
59. Records Disposal Freeze – Superannuation Records 2010-2015.  Post Cornwell Superannuation Case Litigation - Processing of Additional Claims (NOTE: This disposal freeze has been extended until 2030.) PDF (PDF 99Kb) RTF (RTF 171Kb)
60. Managing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Records PDF (PDF 46Kb) RTF (RTF 121Kb)
61. Compliance with the Territory Records Act 2002PDF (PDF 49Kb) RTF (RTF 115Kb)
62. Compliant Agency Records Management Programs PDF (PDF 54Kb) RTF (RTF 188Kb)
63. Managing records during administrative change PDF (PDF 262Kb) RTF (RTF 514Kb)
64. Managing Electronic Folders and Documents on Shared Drives PDF (PDF 458Kb) RTF (RTF 737Kb)
65. Managing Security for Electronic Folders and Documents on Shared Drives PDF (PDF 221Kb) RTF (RTF 522Kb)
66. Folioing of Files PDF (PDF 314Kb) RTF (RTF 563Kb)
67. Archived Personnel Files PDF (PDF 155Kb) RTF (RTF 522Kb)
68. Heritage Act PDF (PDF 53Kb) RTF (RTF 553Kb)
69. Version Control PDF (PDF 51Kb) RTF (RTF 519Kb)
70. Instructions for Saving VOIP Messages PDF (PDF 63Kb) RTF (RTF 837Kb)
71. Social media and recordkeeping requirements PDF (PDF 63Kb) RTF (RTF 559Kb)
72. Social media recordkeeping strategy PDF (PDF 64Kb) RTF (RTF 560Kb)
73. Social media recordkeeping approaches PDF (PDF 64Kb) RTF (RTF 553Kb)
74. Social media recordkeeping scenarios PDF (PDF 59Kb) RTF (RTF 552Kb)
75. Instant messaging and recordkeeping requirements PDF (PDF 59Kb) RTF (RTF 564Kb)
76. Cloud-based services and recordkeeping considerations PDF (PDF 64Kb) RTF (RTF 556Kb)
77. Cloud-based services and understanding the risks PDF (PDF 64Kb) RTF (RTF 568Kb)
78. Cloud-based services and mitigating risks PDF (PDF 64Kb) RTF (RTF 566Kb)